Folan Says Action on Rent Needed Now

May 16, 2019

Following the publication of Monday’s report, Labour’s Local Election candidate for the Donaghmede Ward Shane Folan has called on Fine Gael to introduce a rent register and bring in rent controls across Ireland. 

He has said; 

“The shortage of rental properties and ever increasing cost of renting is a national issue with local implications. All of Dublin has felt the impact of rent increases. Councils will play a key role in the delivery of affordable homes in the next five years. Given its track record, Fine Gael cannot be trusted to deliver what is needed. 

“The walls are closing in on people who are not being served by the failed FG Rebuilding Ireland housing policy. The only winners right now are landlords who are capitalising on this government’s inability to end this crisis. 

“If Minster Murphy does not change tack immediately we will continue to see rents rise at speed and more families will enter homelessness. Fine Gael need to introduce a rent register and make the entire country a rent pressure zone at a bare minimum.   

“For three years the Labour Party has been campaigning for action to limit the reasons for evictions, cap rents and ensure transparency for renters so they know what the previous rent of a property was.

“The primary cause of homelessness is high rents and premature ending of tenancies. Rents have reached levels which makes hopes of security for families. In Dublin rents have increased by 7.1%. 

“This is a question of fairness. Beyond causing homelessness for thousands, those who are managing to rent are subject to grossly unfair rents.  Fine Gael won’t introduce rent caps, they won’t introduce a rent register; they won’t do anything of consequence to assist renters. Next week it’s time the government was send a clear message.”

Shane and the Labour Party support the Raise the Roof national rally for housing on Saturday 18th May in Dublin. Now is the time for action.