Newsletter Leaflet May 2019

May 22, 2019

I am the Labour Party candidate for the Donaghmede ward in the local elections this May. I am 26 years of age. I worked my way through college and have had a number of part time and full time jobs, including bar work, IT sales, computer repair, working in a bakery and telesales jobs. Like many people my age, sometimes working more than one job at a time before taking up my current full time role in a pensions company.

I have been actively involved in campaigning for housing and equality issues, including the Raise the Roof housing campaign and the Yes campaign for marriage equality and the campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment.

I work hard and am excited about getting the opportunity to represent out community on Dublin City Council

Housing Crisis

Currently, housing is one of the biggest issues facing me and my generation and out country.

Like many people, I am finding it almost impossible to afford drastically rising rents, afford to save a deposit, or get access to affordable public housing.

If elected to the City Council, I will campaign for the Government to give more supports so we, the people, who see the worst of the problem every day can fix it.

Here are 3 of the ways I think we can help solve the housing crisis:

  1. Public land will be made available for social and affordable housing, including schemes of affordable home ownership, but public land will not be sold;
  2. A range of measures designed to push land owners towards the development of vacant sites, rather than land hoarding;
  3. A referendum will be held to recognise socio-economic rights in the Constitution, including the right to a means of affordable housing, to be fulfilled on the basis of available resources.

If our plans are put into action, there is a potential minimum of 80,000 units of housing to be delivered in a five-year period of Government, based on investing 16 billion Euro, with the delivery of this housing front-loaded to end the housing crisis as soon as possible.

New Garda Station Needed

Our area is growing rapidly and Coolock Garda District is expected to do too much over too large an area. that is why I have been campaigning with the community and Senator Aodhán Ó Ríordáin calling for the Government to built a new Garda station in Clongriffin as soon as possible.

In March, I delivered a petition with 1,200 signatures to the Minister for Justice and I invited all local residents to a public meeting to discuss the next steps for this campaign. If elected, I will continue this campaign to improve Garda resources and help protect people from crime.

Climate Change

Climate Change is the most serious issue to confront our society.

We need to change Ireland’s economy so that we are less reliant on fossil fuels. The climate emergency is now, but we can meet the 60 million tonne challenge: the challenge of reducing our collective greenhouse gas emissions from 60 million tonnes every year to net zero in just 30 years. I believe local government can promote action on the environment and provide leadership for communities and businesses to become sustainable. In particular, I will support Council policies that will help us to be less dependent on our cars, and make cycling a real option.