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January 31, 2019

The Low Pay Commission was established by the Labour Party in 2015 and has an evidence based approach to arriving at its recommendations. In this context, the Commission is inviting public submissions from interested parties in relation to the National Minimum Wage. These submissions will inform the commission in its consideration of the appropriate minimum wage rate for 2020.

The current national minimum wage for an experienced adult employee is €9.80 per hour. I strongly believe this is not sufficient for Ireland today which is why I support the Living Wage Campaign. “Living Wage Ireland” is a  campaign group made up of academics, charities, and Trade Unions are actively campaigning for a national Living Wage of €11.90 an hour.

The commission is looking for your observations, comments and submissions which can be sent (preferably by email) to: secretarylpc@welfare.ie or by post to:

The Low Pay Commission Secretariat
1 st Floor
Aras Mhic Diarmada
Store Street
Dublin 1

The closing date for submissions is the 9th of February 2019.

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Shane Folan