Folan Welcomes Donaghmede Shopping Centre Award for Energy Efficiency

April 18, 2019

I heartily welcome the awarding of a Green Jersey award to the Donaghmede Shopping Centre as part of the Harcourt Shopping Centre Group. The award came from Rayal Energy and was given to the Shopping Centres for having replaced their existing lighting with LED lighting, which results in immediate energy and cost savings – already saving 642,401 kg of CO2 by making the big switch to LED.

Not only are the new lighting fixtures more energy effficient, but they increase lumen output to make centres brighter. It is possible to implement cost-efficient changes that help the environment and make amenities more accessible for people with disabilities, such as the visually impaired – all that is needed is a bit of ambition and some investment.

It’s great to see that Donaghmede Shopping Centre has made this change, saving as much as 40% on energy! It’s always good to see businesses in our community taking steps to reduce energy consumption. If elected to Dublin City Council on the 24th of May, I will work to implement measures to halt and reverse the effects of climate change in a way that helps our community.