Date Set for National Homeless & Housing Coalition Demo

February 19, 2019

Date: Saturday March 9th at 2pm

Meeting Points: The Housing Agency,The GPO, and City Hall

2018 saw 3 massive demonstrations to show this government that people in Ireland want an end to the housing crisis. National Homeless and Housing Coalition has called another Dublin demonstration for March 9th at 2pm. The Coalition has a range of demands which can be read on their event’s Facebook page.

As a young candidate, I know all too well how inaccessible affordable housing is for most of us. I will be marching with the Coalition because I want to campaign for the government to give more supports so we, the people who see the worst of the problem every day, can fix it. On Dublin City Council, I will campaign for:

  1. Public land to be made available for social and affordable housing, including schemes of affordable home ownership, and not be sold;
  2. A range of measures designed to push land owners towards the development of vacant sites rather than land hoarding;
  3. A referendum to recognise socioeconomic rights in the Constitution, including the right to housing, to be fulfilled on the basis of available resources.

Housing policy is at of the core of my campaign and you can read more my work on the issue here, as well as about the Labour Party’s policies here.

The strength of this movement comes from the broad support it has from charities, NGOs, trade unions, political parties, community groups and people like you and me who are sick of poor housing policy from the Government having a destructive impact on people’s lives. I hope to see you at the demonstration!